Signs You May Need New Gutters

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At Gorilla Gutters, we specialize in keeping your gutters in good shape. Your gutters play an important part in the overall health of your home by diverting away rain–without this protection, the buildup of moisture could lead to many expensive problems. Well-maintained gutters can be expected to last many years, but not forever. Here are some signs that you may need new gutters:


  • Cracks- If you notice cracks in your gutters, they definitely need professional attention. While inspecting for cracks, be aware that there may be more cracks than you can see–in dry conditions, larger cracks are more readily visible, but water will flow through even the tiniest gaps. Also remember that over time, even small cracks will get worse, so it’s best to address the problem as soon as possible.
  • Stressed Seams- A common site for gutter problems is at the seams between two horizontal sections. These spots are prone to leaks or can even separate from one another. Both of these issues can lead to bigger and more expensive problems, so it’s best to get a professional evaluation right away. In some cases, a leak can be spot-fixed, but new, seamless gutters may be a more permanent solution.
  • Rot or Mildew- Some signs of gutter failure don’t appear on the gutters themselves, but on your siding. Exposure to moisture from leaky gutters can lead to rot in wooden trim elements, like window sills, or can cause mildew around your foundation or in your basement. Problems from excessive moisture may stem from a problem with your gutters.

If you notice these problems developing anywhere in your home, the solution may lie in your gutters. Give us a call at Gorilla Gutters to get confirmation and discuss your options.