Clogged Gutters Are a Big No-No for Your Home

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As a homeowner, you likely value the importance of maintaining the exterior of your property. One of the essential components of this maintenance is gutters. They help avoid water damage to your home and prevent your landscape from getting too muddy. And yet, you may forget to maintain them, which inevitably leads to clogging.

Clogged Gutters Are a Big No-No for Your Home

When gutters become clogged with debris, they are unable to function correctly. This can lead to costly consequences, including:

  • Flooding. When it rains, clogged gutters overflow, directing rainwater into your yard. This could leave your landscape with an unsightly muddied appearance. Furthermore, the standing water around your home could gradually seep into your foundation, weakening it in the long run. And in worst-case scenarios, you will be forced to deal with frequent basement flooding.
  • Structural damage. As the water in your clogged gutters looks for a way out, it will flow sideways onto your roof and fascia boards. This will, in turn, lead to roof damage like leaks, rot on shingle roofs, and rust on metal roofs. The paint on your fascia boards will also peel off, exposing the underlying wood to mould and rot.
  • Sagging gutters. As more debris accumulates, your gutters will gradually become weighed down. They’ll pull away from your home and start sagging. Besides damaging your roof and fascia boards, this will give your property a bad appearance. Your gutters may also bend beyond repair, forcing you to pay for a new and expensive installation.

The only way to avoid these problems is through regular gutter cleaning. You can rely on our professional gutter cleaning solutions here at Gorilla Gutters. We offer affordable, stress-free gutter cleaning and repair services that will keep your gutters functional and beautiful for many years. Give us a call today.