How to Keep Home Gutters Clean

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Now that we have shared some of the reasons why our home gutters and downspouts are so important, we thought it important to share with you how to keep those all-important features of your home clean and functioning properly.


As can be expected, the rain rolling down your roof will tend to bring along with it other debris that has fallen there, such as small branches, leaves, and dirt. These items can wash down quickly if they are small and there is a lot of water flowing. However, they also can become easily trapped in your gutters or downspouts, clogging the pathway of the water and causing the water to flow out over the top before it reaches the downspout. This makes your gutters and downspout ineffective at doing their job—namely, diverting water away from the foundation of your home.

An easy solution is to have a leaf guard installed over your gutters or eavestroughing.  We install leaf guards on all types of gutters and eavestroughing.  A leaf guard will stop leaves and branches from falling into your gutters, and thus help prevent any clogging.  If you have a particularly windy and wet storm in your area, it might be wise afterwards to use a leaf blower to blow any accumulated leaves off the top of the guard. However, the wind will also be your friend in this case, and help with blowing off any leaves or branches. Normally, these items would become stuck in the well of the gutter, but with an installed leaf guard, the only thing that should be let in is water that can get through the holes. This is a simple but effective solution to keep you from having to climb ladders and try and clean out your gutters by hand.

If, however, you are need of our services for cleaning your gutters or eavestroughing, we do provide cleaning services for these features.  Whatever you do, be sure to keep your gutters clog-free so that they can do their job and you can rest easy.