Non-Traditional Uses for Gutters

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gutters can collect the water from the roof and then funnel it into large tanks
Thinking outside the box has become a favourite activity of more than just marketing departments and craft-loving people. It extends across nearly every industry and profession. When you think about it, innovation begins when someone pledges to fill a need in an unusual way. Perhaps that is why there is growing attention being given to non-traditional uses for gutters. While you might not want to invest in new gutters for some of these projects, they could be perfect for your old ones when you have them replaced. See if any strike your fancy as a great way to put gutters to use around your home.

  • Vertical Gutter Garden- Rather than have the gutter collect water, fill them with dirt instead for a unique and stylish spot to grow flowers, herbs, and some vegetables. They can be attached to the side of a shed, fencing, or an exterior wall, then simply fill with dirt and add seeds or small plants from your garden centre.
  • Rain Water Collection- A great water conservation tip is using rain barrels to collect water for gardening and other outdoor uses. Simply put gutters on a shed or other outbuilding and direct it to the barrel. You can also do this with gutters on your home, but you’ll end up with more water than you probably need and would need to have an overflow plan in place.
  • Divert Water for Livestock- Rather than send the water from the gutters to rain barrels, have the water diverted to tanks that provide water for livestock. The gutters can collect the water from the roof and then funnel it into large tanks. Gutters can also be placed where smaller livestock can drink right out of them.
  • Create Art- A creative artist can create art from just about anything. Old aluminum gutters can be shaped and formed into a great yard sculpture or a design to put on fencing or elsewhere around your property.

If you have plans for your old gutters, be sure to let us know at Gorilla Gutters when we are providing you a quote for new gutters. We’ll be happy to leave them behind rather than remove and dispose of them for you. We can also provide you with new gutters for projects that are outside the box, so don’t hesitate to discuss your project with us.