How Do You Know it’s Time to Replace Your Gutters?

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GuttersWhen gutters are working the way they are supposed to, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about them. However, gutters are a crucial aspect of protecting your real estate investment. Gutters that are malfunctioning can lead to rotting fascia boards, flooding in the basement, and a whole host of other problems that can be extremely costly to repair.

Typically, aluminum or steel gutters should last about 20 years unless they are damaged by hail or other unforeseen events. Copper gutters are more expensive to install, but they can last 50 years before needing replacement. If your home or business already had gutters installed prior to your ownership, you may not know exactly how old your gutters are.

Here are some signs that you should go ahead and consider full gutter replacement:

  • Widespread rust, holes or cracks are found when you visually inspect the gutters.
  • There is water damage to the exterior of your building, including peeling paint or water in the basement.
  • Signs of erosion or channels in the dirt around your building are showing up. This could include damage to your landscaping or water that is pooling.
  • Repeated maintenance issues with your gutters occur, like broken fasteners, separated gutters, or gutters that are coming away from the roofline. You may also find nails or screws on the ground around your building.