Key Benefits of Vinyl Siding

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When vinyl siding first hit the market many years ago it gained a lot of attention. Then, it started to fall out of favour because it wasn’t delivering on its promises. That has completely changed and the industry stepped up to create the ideal products we see on the market today. If you haven’t looked at vinyl siding lately, you are in for a real treat. Here are the key benefits of vinyl siding that make it the ideal option for your home:

Vinyl Siding

1.  Variety – The colour choices and textures are through the roof! Improvements in technology in recent years have allowed for a myriad of choices so that you can appease the designer or art passion inside you and get the results you are looking for.

2.  Affordability – At half the price of wood siding and more affordable than similar siding products, you’ll find vinyl siding to be an ideal option to save money at installation. Not only are the products affordable, but installation costs are lower too since it is easier to install than other products. Add on the lower maintenance expenses and vinyl siding is the most affordable choice you can make.

3.  Maintenance – As noted, maintenance costs are lower, but so is the time and effort you’ll expend to keep vinyl siding looking great. No painting or other tasks are needed. Simply wash any dirt or dust that accumulates every so often and you can spend your time doing things you love instead. It is also easy to replace a single panel that may become damaged.

4.  Durability – The vinyl siding on the market today is far superior to the options first introduced to the market. Vinyl siding options today last longer, hold up to abuse, and keep their colour for a long time. Vinyl siding durability is second only to brick and stone siding, and many brands offer very long warranties.

5.  Protection – Other types of siding may not protect your home as well as vinyl siding. Vinyl siding won’t foster mildew or rot because it does not retain moisture like other types can.

6.  Value – Because of the popularity of vinyl siding, your home’s value will increase, which can make a huge difference when it comes time to relocate.