Why So Many Homeowners Choose Vinyl Siding for Their Home

If you are in the market for new siding, then you probably already know that there are many materials to choose from. Each has its own pros and cons that are worth looking into. One of the most popular siding options is vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is used by many homeowners for many great reasons. Below are some of the reasons so many homeowners are choosing vinyl siding for their homes.

  • Lasting colour – The colour on vinyl siding is less likely to fade or dim over time. The reason for this is because the colour goes all the way through the vinyl and doesn’t just sit on top of the siding.
  • Curb appeal – Vinyl siding looks good up close and from a distance. This type of siding does not chip, peal or wear easily because the colour goes all the way through the vinyl siding.
  • Large selection – There are many style options to choose from. You will not be limited on choices. You will get to select your texture, trim, and accessories.
  • Easy maintenance – Vinyl siding is low maintenance. There really isn’t anything you have to do to keep it looking nice. If you do collect some dirt on it, then simply wash it off with a garden hose or some soap and water.

If you are looking for a siding that is easy to maintain, looks good for many years, allows you flexibility in style choices, and gives your home an amazing curb appeal, then we think vinyl siding is going to be for you. Give us a call at Gorilla Gutters to get a quote or take a look at our many options.