Downspouts are a Critical Part of Your Property’s Gutter System

If your home’s downspouts are working properly, they will carry water or melting snow away from your structure and towards proper drainage according to government building codes. When a downspout fails to drain water away from a building properly, it can result in flooding your building due to improper drainage above or below grade. It can also lead to liability issues if the downspouts are draining towards someone else’s property or into an area that may create a hazard (such as where the water can freeze along a pedestrian traffic way).

Along these lines, it is important that downspouts do not freeze solid during the winter months. If your gutter system gets backed up by ice from the downspout all the way up to the gutters on the roof, ice can begin to dam up the entire system in that area and cause major structural damage.

Here at Gorilla Gutters, we provide not only residential and commercial gutter installation, but we also provide gutter repair. If you notice that the water from your downspouts is not draining correctly into an established drainage area that keeps you, your family and customers, and surrounding structures safe and sound, give us a call and we can help you re-establish desirable drainage for your property from your gutter system. We have many modern options available to you and pride ourselves on being an excellent contractor for our customers through top-quality work every time.