Why Good Gutters and Downspouts Matter for Your Home or Business

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Regulations about gutters and downspouts for your home may vary depending on where you live.  However, gutters, eavestroughing, and downspouts in good condition are always important for your home or business. If you are uncertain about why, read on and we’ll we share with you some of the reasons these additions to your home are an incredibly important feature.


The main job of your gutters and downspouts are to help direct water away from your home.  Water can pool on your roof, or especially at the base of your house as it falls from the roof, which can cause water damage to your walls and potential flooding.

During a storm, water will naturally roll off your roof and onto whatever is lying beneath its edge.  What a gutter or eavestrough does is catch the water, send to it to the downspout, which then directs the water out and away from the base of your home.  Without these items in place, water will fall continually in the same places, washing away dirt and landscaping, creating rivets, and often falling back towards your home where it will pool or seep down. This is expensive to fix, and compromises the integrity of those areas of your home.  It can also lead to mildew growth, which can become a health hazard.

Rather than deal with these problems, you can have a good gutter and downspout system installed to help protect your home. It is important that these safety features be kept clean and in good repair so that they can properly and effectively protect your home or business in the ways they were designed to do.