Downspouts: The Most Important Part of Your Gutter System

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Everyone knows that the gutter system on a home is critical; there are no arguments there. However, knowing which part of your gutter system is the most important could be a point of discussion. While many folks would argue that adding a leaf guard is essential, in truth it could be the downspouts that are the unsung heroes of a home’s gutters.

Downspouts: The Most Important Part of Your Gutter System

Not only are downspouts an aesthetic part of a home’s gutter system, but they also serve a critical role when it comes to protecting your home. As gutters carry storm water away from the roof, the water travels to the downspouts, where it is delivered out and away from your home’s foundation. A home’s foundation is an essential part of it’s structure, and therefore it must be protected from the elements as much as possible. Properly working downspouts provide an added layer of protection!

Downspouts that are installed incorrectly or that are nonexistent immediately put a home at risk for damage. For example, missing or damaged downspouts can allow water to seep into the ground at the base of a home, creating the potential for water damage, an increased risk of mold, or cracks in the foundation itself.

The good news is that a qualified gutter contractor will know how to install downspouts as part of a gutter system that provides protection to a home for years to come. Downspouts can even be matched to a custom gutter system so that they are included in the aesthetic appeal of a home’s exterior.

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