Why You Should Add Custom Eavestroughs to Your Home

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Whether you are building a new custom home or you plan to upgrade the exterior of your existing residence, there is one part of the outside of your house that should be carefully considered: the eavestroughs. Yes, the siding, roofing, and other major aspects of a home are critical, but the seemingly small detail of the eavestroughs can have a big impact on the way your home looks and functions.

Why You Should Add Custom Eavestroughs to Your Home

If you aren’t necessarily thrilled with the idea of standard gutters on your home, custom eavestroughs may be an ideal addition that takes your home’s look to the next level. Here are a few ways custom eavestroughs can enhance the appeal of your home’s exterior:

  • Type of Metal- If you have a specific vision for the outside of your home, then the type of metal you choose for your eavestroughs is important. For example, custom eavestroughs come in copper, zinc, and galvalume metals, which can complement the colors of your siding or add a subtle enhancement to the exterior detail.
  • Size & Shape- Another way custom eavestroughs can positively impact the exterior of your home is with the size and shape. For example, eavestroughs come in a variety of styles, including 2-step, half-round, curve-faced, and triple-crown. That means you can upgrade this feature of your home so it matches the style you have in your mind’s eye.

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