Three Important Functions of Eavestroughs

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When it comes to eavestroughs, it can be easy to see how they are a hassle because you have to clean them and keep them in good working order. So, is it really worth having an eavestrough system on your home at all? In fact, eavestroughs serve several important functions that keep your home in good condition. Here are three reasons you need eavestroughs on your home:

  • Re-Route Water – During rainstorms, or even during winter snow when precipitation accumulates on your roof, having eavestroughs serves the important function of re-routing water away from your home. If your roof has a wide overhang, you may feel that your home is fine, but many homeowners need this extra assistance to avoid water damage.
  • Protect Your Roof – Without eavestroughs, your roofing system is at risk for water damage, including mold and rot. Because eavestroughs move water away from your roof, your home can stay dry and maintain its structural integrity over the long-term.
  • Protect Your Foundation – Without eavestroughs, water runoff simply lands on the ground and runs towards your home’s foundation. This can eventually lead to foundation cracks and moisture issues that affect your indoor air quality and the structural integrity of your home.

At Gorilla Gutters, we can help take the hassle out of eavestrough maintenance by providing regular servicing or helping with leaf guard installation that keeps your gutters working properly all year long. Let us know how we can help, and we know you’ll see the best results. Call today!