Why Soffit is an Essential Part of Your Home

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SoffitSoffit is not an extremely flashy or noticeable part of your home or business, but it is an essential part of your building’s structure nonetheless. Soffit connects the side of your building with the overhanging part of your roof and covers the rafter beams. Not only does soffit have an important function, but it also adds aesthetic quality to your building’s finished appearance.

Soffit is made out of many different materials.  The most common materials are vinyl and aluminum. Other less common materials include steel and wood. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is that whatever material you choose for your soffit, it needs to protect your rafters from weather while also allowing air circulation to you building’s attic. If you select a solid material like wood for the soffit, you will need to ensure that circulation is maintained by also installing air vents.

The circulation that vinyl or aluminum soffit allows can prevent serious problems from developing in your building’s attic. It will reduce the amount of moisture in the attic, and therefore prevent problems like mold growth and rot. When your building is able to breathe and adjust to climate changes, the building is healthier.

Another area that works with the soffit to maintain air circulation is the fascia. This is found at the ends of the rafters and is also usually vented. These areas should be inspected periodically. If problems are caught early and corrected, you can save money in the long run.