Choosing Vinyl Siding You’ll Love for Decades

With so many options of materials available out there for the exterior cladding of your home, you might think that it is a little odd that people keep coming back time and time again to vinyl siding. However, when you consider that vinyl siding is strong, durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain and also is affordable, it is much easier to see why home and business owners choose vinyl siding time and time again for their exterior cladding. Because of its longevity, vinyl siding needs to be chosen carefully so that you don’t end up with a style or colour that is very on-trend now, but that you will end up disliking in a year or so. Here at Gorilla Gutters, we have some tips that can help ensure you choose vinyl siding that you’ll love for decades to come.

First, consider the style of your property. Is it contemporary? Modern? Classic? Historical? Each of these styles will have design elements that you can pull from and narrow your search of vinyl siding products from there. If you have a historical home, for example, choosing more intricate detail work and classic colours will look better in the long run over things like bold colours and minimalist décor.

Next, consider the colours that you’ll choose. Colours, like any style element, will go in and out of style. However, there is also a wide variety of colours that are considered timeless, especially for a certain style of home. If you go to a paint store and ask about exterior colours for your home, you can get a great start on colours of vinyl that will age well with your home style.