Why Installing a Leaf Guard is a Great Investment

When choosing suitable eavestroughs for your house, weighing upfront expenses against long-term benefits is essential. One mistake most people make while trying to reduce costs is overlooking the benefits of installing a leaf guard. Here’s why it’s a wise investment.

  • Damage prevention. A leaf guard gutter system features a unique hood-covered trough that makes it stand out from average gutter systems. This ensures your gutter is clog-free as it filters out debris and leaves. As a result, you’ll have an easier time removing the leaves that accumulate over time. In addition, these leaf guards integrate a sturdy fascia board with internal hanging brackets, keeping your home safe from damage in case of gutter overflow. At Gorilla Gutters, we use Alu-Rex products, which not only keep out debris and leaves but also make your eavestroughs more durable.
  • Prevents pest infestation. When dust, leaves, and debris accumulate in the gutters, they make your home prone to pests. Stagnant water in faulty gutters can also facilitate the breeding of mosquitoes, whereas leaves can attract rats and termites. Investing in a leaf guard helps you avoid these problems.
  • Fire prevention. Besides providing seamless drainage, this unique gutter system can reduce fire risks. If you live in an area prone to brush fires, the accumulation of dry leaves and twigs is a hazard to your home if the leaves catch fire from contact with a burning ember.

We provide leaf guard installation, repair, and cleaning services. Reach out to us if you are looking for a contractor delivering top-quality work.