Forget the Relay Race with Rakes and Gloves-- Get a Leaf Guard Instead!

Are you tired of racing the seasons (and your trees or your neighbour’s trees)? Each season it seems that deciduous trees bring new gifts, but evergreens can, too! Leaves, flowers, pollen, needles, cones, seed pods – you name it! With the change of each season there is the relay race with rakes and gloves to clean up the lawn, the garden, the street gutters, the eavestroughs (troughs that run under the eaves of the building rather than an extension of the roof’s structure like rain gutters), and your rain gutters.

Leaf Guard is a name-brand product used exactly as its name suggests: to guard gutters from leaves. This can help prevent many of the more complex problems that can occur if you lose the relay with the change of season. Perhaps you lost the relay by no fault of your own even – winter comes quickly after fall sometimes. This can still lead to troublesome problems with draining the water from your roof.

Leaves can cause clogs. Backed up gutters can cause flooding into your home or property from the roof. Even cleaning out your own gutters has a history of leading people into injuries. Leaf Guard is not just any protective system. It is a patented seamless, one-piece gutter type system which includes the cover in the actual gutter design in the first place. Say goodbye to clogs, flooding, and those pesky ladders when you say hello to Leaf Guard installed by Gorilla Gutters!