What Makes Aluminum Siding the Correct Choice for Your Home or Commercial Building?

While there are many different siding materials available for your home or commercial building needs, you may be wondering why aluminum could be the best choice for you. Aluminum siding has been used for many years, and it has some advantages over other types of siding.

  • Durable. Aluminum siding is resistant to damage by corrosion and ultraviolet rays when installed correctly. The thickness of the aluminum will also play a part in how long the siding will last.
  • Paintable. Aluminum siding is easily painted and, as a matter of fact, applying a new coat of paint every 5-10 years will help ensure that your siding will last up to 40 years.
  • Insulation. Aluminum can reduce heating and cooling costs because it has excellent insulating properties and protects against the growth of mold and mildew caused by moisture.
  • No Damage Due to Cold Weather. Some siding materials can crack when exposed to very cold temperatures, but aluminum is not affected by temperature extremes.
  • Affordable. When considering all of the different siding materials available, the up-front cost of aluminum siding is relatively inexpensive.

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