A Little About Aluminum Siding

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When considering which type of siding is best for your home, aluminum siding should be a strong contender.  An extremely good insulator, aluminum siding can save you as a homeowner a fair amount of money on heating and cooling each year.  It even beats out vinyl in regards to how well it insulates from the cold and heat. This makes is a great option for our Ontario winters. Aluminum siding is not affected by extremely cold temperatures, and does not become brittle or break as some other siding options might in such conditions. Aluminum siding is also waterproof and rust-proof, which makes it great for wet and snowy seasons.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum is impervious to insects, and it is also highly resistant to mildew and algae growth, which are just two more reasons it should be considered.  It is also incredibly fire-resistant, which may help with homeowner’ insurance premiums.

One important thing to consider when choosing aluminum siding is the thickness of the siding.  Aluminum is a soft metal, and thus can be more prone to dings and wear and tear from falling debris if you choose a cheaper and thinner option.  It is generally best when choosing aluminum to go with a thicker size. High-end aluminum siding can last up to 30 years, which makes it a great and durable choice.

One thing homeowners might want to be aware of with aluminum siding is that in high winds or in summer heat, it can make more noises than other types of siding.  This can be due to the whistling and/or expansion of the siding, depending on the weather.

We hope that as you consider which type of siding is most prudent for your home, you will weigh out the pros and cons of each to determine which makes the most sense for your needs and style. We’d be happy to discuss these things with you, so give us a call today.