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You can count on us to keep your Stayner downspouts flowing clog-free.

Downspouts in Stayner, Ontario
Downspouts are an essential part of any eavestroughing system. The downspout carries the flow of water away from your home or business in Stayner, Ontario and prevents foundation damage from occurring when there is too much water around your foundation. Downspouts also protect your landscaping by removing this water. Your roof, soffit and fascia can also get damaged by water when your downspouts stop working properly and become clogged or separate from the rest of your eavestroughing system.

Here are some signs that you might have a problem with your downspouts:

  • Signs of water damage in your home: If rainwater is getting into your home, it may not be a roof leak. If your gutters cannot drain properly, this backed-up water can damage your home or business and cause major problems.
  • Water in your basement: Extra water around your foundation can lead to a leaky basement. If you experience new problems with water in the basement, don’t wait to get help.
  • Loud sound during rain: It may not be raining as hard as you think. Your gutters may be overflowing due to excess debris from your trees or other sources. If you see or hear your gutters overflowing, they need maintenance right away.
  • Gutters are sagging or collapsing: Downspouts support the entire gutter system, so if they come loose, it can cause more problems in other areas.

Maintenance can protect your downspouts and the rest of your gutters from most of these problems. When properly maintained, gutters are long-lasting and durable additions to your home or business that help protect your investment and make it more pleasant to enter or exit in the rain. Give us a call at Gorilla Gutters for help with your downspouts today.

At Gorilla Gutters, we offer services for downspouts in Collingwood, The Blue Mountains, Stayner, Wasaga Beach, Thornbury, Owen Sound, Wiarton, Port Carling, Huntsville, Gravenhurst, Orillia, and surrounding areas of Ontario.