Why HardiePlank is an Exceptional Siding Material

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Whether you want to revive the aesthetic of your building’s exterior or give it an added layer of protection, siding is for you. There are numerous siding materials, from aluminum to vinyl. But if you want a material that combines elegance with durability, we recommend you choose HardiePlank siding.

Why HardiePlank is an Exceptional Siding Material

Developed in the 1980s by the James Hardie company, HardiePlank is a fiber cement siding material that combines the woody elegance of cellulose fibers with the trusty durability of cement. There are several reasons why HardiePlank is the preferred siding material for over 5.5 million homeowners in North America:

  • Exceptional durability. HardiePlank siding utilizes the strength of cement to resist chipping, lamination, and cracking. Furthermore, it’s fire resistant, meaning it won’t burn or melt like wood or vinyl siding.
  • Exceptional beauty. HardiePlank siding is quite thick, allowing deeper grooves during finishing. It can mimic the appearance of wood grain, shingles, and stucco, making it an excellent choice for contemporary and classic homes. Furthermore, the siding material comes in over 20 colours. This allows you the flexibility to choose a style that suits your taste and architecture.
  • Exceptionally low maintenance. Unlike other siding materials, HardiePlank does not require repainting or resealing. The siding’s colour is baked into the material during manufacturing, ensuring it retains its colour for many years. Additionally, it can serve you for up to 30 years.

If you are looking to transform your building’s exterior with new siding, you can never go wrong with HardiePlank siding. We are confident in this material, so we offer a 20-year product warranty on all installations. To learn more about HardiePlank siding, get in touch with us at Gorilla Gutters today.