Copper Eavestroughing Can Add a High-End Appearance to Your Home or Commercial Building, But is it a Good Value?
Eavestroughing may not be the most exciting feature on your home or commercial building, but it certainly is a very necessary one. Eavestroughs prevent rain water from pouring into your basement or crawlspace by catching the water and directing it to a downspout which carries the rainwater away.

Eavestroughs are available in several materials, and copper is the top of the line. Copper is a more costly material and requires more time and skill to install than other materials. Steel and aluminum will cost much less than copper, with vinyl being the least expensive.  You may think installing copper eavestroughing is too cost prohibitive, but there are several reasons that copper is worth the investment.

  • Doesn’t Rust. Copper does not rust and is the best choice for coastal areas where saltwater can be tough on metal. Copper eavestroughing may last upwards of 60 years with proper installation and maintenance.
  • No Need to Replace. Less expensive materials will need to be replaced more often, with vinyl averaging every 10 years and steel or aluminum every 20 years. Considering the lifespan of copper and the peace of mind knowing you won’t have to replace them, when you do the math, you realize copper doesn’t cost much more in the long run.
  • Adds Value to Your Home or Commercial Building. Depending on the design style of your home or commercial building, copper eavestroughing can accentuate the colours of the exterior and add to the high-end appearance. New eavestroughs will display in that beautiful copper colour and, over time, will oxidize to a rustic green.

If you feel that copper eavestroughing is the perfect choice for your home or commercial building, our experts have the experience to get the job done right. Call us at Gorilla Gutters today!