Choosing the Right Siding for Your Home

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One of the services we are proud to offer at Gorilla Gutters is siding installation. If you are in the market for new siding, it can be difficult to choose the best fit for your home. While others exist, the two most popular siding options are vinyl and wood. Here is a brief comparison of the two to aid you in making this decision:


  • Vinyl- Vinyl siding is a popular option because it is both durable and affordable, and it also comes in a wide variety of colours and styles. Just about any style of traditional siding, from slats to shingles to scallops, is also available in vinyl, giving you the look you want without the cost. Unlike wood, vinyl is impervious to termite damage or decay, and can be cleaned easily with just a pressure hose. Keep in mind, however, that though vinyl is water-resistant, it is not guaranteed to be waterproof — improper installation can lead to water seeping through gaps in the paneling, and to a whole host of resulting issues. Also, while vinyl offers a multitude of colours, the colour you choose for your siding is permanent, as vinyl siding cannot be repainted.
  • Wood- Wood is a traditional siding material that will give your home a classic look. One factor that might set it above vinyl is that wood siding can be replaced one piece at a time, allowing you to patch small areas of damage without the need to re-do your whole house. In addition, wood can be painted any colour you choose, and repainted if you change your mind. Though not available in as many profiles as vinyl, wood still offers plenty of selection style and in wood species, such as spruce, fir, or cedar.

If your home is ready for new siding, call us at Gorilla Gutters to plan your next steps.