3 Questions to Ask Before Gutter Installation

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Gutter installation is an important service for your home. Without functioning, clean gutters, you run the risk of your home taking on water damage after it rains or storms. This type of damage can be costly to repair, so it’s best to avoid it with clog-free, intact gutters.

3 Questions to Ask Before Gutter Installation

If you’ve recently hired professionals for a gutter installation service for your home, be sure to ask these three questions before your contractor arrives:

  1. How long will the installation take? It’s best for you to be home while your gutter installation takes place, as it makes it easier for your contractor to ask you any questions should something unexpected come up. Having an estimate for how long the job will take will help you plan your schedule for installation day.
  1. How much will the installation cost? Price is always an important thing to know about any service you hire. Your contractor will be able to give you the pricing information for your installation job so that you know exactly what to expect.
  1. How do I maintain my gutters? Knowing how to maintain your gutters once the installation is over will help you get the most out of them, and who better to ask than gutter experts? Your contractor will be happy to tell you how often you should have your gutters serviced and how to best take care of your gutter system, so don’t forget to ask about maintenance.

Here at Gorilla Gutters, we want to make sure your home has the fully functioning gutter system it needs to keep your home protected from water damage, so reach out to us today if you need gutter installation.