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We can install a leaf guard system that will prevent clogs due to leaves.

Dealing with clogs in the drainage system of your home or business is a frustrating experience. Since the drainage system consists of gutters and eavestroughs, these narrow channels tend to get clogged with yard debris, including leaves, creating an unpleasant situation. Cleaning out your gutters and eavestroughs on a regular basis is time consuming and less than appealing. Instead of spending your time on a ladder fishing leaves out of your gutters, contact us at Gorilla Gutters to find out more about our leaf guard products.

Leaf Guard in Thornbury, Ontario

We can install a leaf guard system that will prevent clogs due to leaves. We have two main options, which are Fixa-Tech and the Gutter Clean System. Fixa-Tech is a fastening system that adds durability and strength to the eavestroughs, while preventing clogs. Additionally, these fasteners help create a more unified system that resists twisting, bending, and other damage, making the components 50% stronger. The Gutter Clean System is a leaf guard that prevents leaves and other yard debris from moving into the eavestroughs. It works with a number of eavestrough sizes, making it a more flexible solution that eliminates the need to clean out your gutters.

With a leaf guard system in place, you can feel confident your drainage system will always be working properly throughout the changing seasons and climate conditions. This helps to protect your property from damage by keeping it dry, even when the rain and snow start to fall. Contact us at Gorilla Gutters to get a cost estimate on this addition to the drainage system at your home or business located in Thornbury, Ontario.

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