Top Reasons to Consider a Leaf Guard for Your Eavestroughing

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Just about everyone recognizes the importance of having eavestroughing on their home, but you may not realize that if it isn’t properly maintained it can do more harm than good. Eavestroughing that is packed with debris can seriously undermine your home’s roof, siding, and foundation. It is easy to forget that they need to be cleaned out regularly, not to mention finding the time to do it. Adding a leaf guard to your home’s eavestroughing is a positive step toward avoiding the potential problems of debris-filled eavestroughing.

Leaf Guard

While this is the top reason to consider a leaf guard for your eavestroughing, it is not the only valid reason. Another is to save the time and energy you expend cleaning out the eavestroughing. It can also save you from spending money hiring someone else to do it for you, along with the time it takes to locate someone and handle the process of hiring and paying them.

Another thing to consider is that getting up on a ladder to clear the debris could have a bad ending. Every year, hospitals in the Collingwood, Ontario area see patients who have suffered a mishap from a ladder overturning, failing or the homeowner simply slipped off the ladder. It isn’t just you who could be injured – so could the person you hired to do it. Having a leaf guard installed on your eavestroughing is clearly the best way to avoid these scenarios.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of a leaf guard or would like a quote, give us a call at Gorilla Gutters. We offer over 20 years of unbeatable, top-quality work that is backed by a warranty on labour and products. Call today and leave that ladder in the garage!