5 Signs That You May Need Gutter Repair

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If you’ve watched the rain patterns flow off your house recently, you might have noticed that something doesn’t seem right with your rain gutters.  Various problems are fairly typical but luckily most can be addressed quickly and easily. Here are five signs that tell us you may need gutter repair:

gutter repair will most likely be able to fix it

1. Is water dripping from your gutters in places other than the downspout? If you notice leaks anywhere along your gutter system, you probably need gutter repair. Leaky gutters can be caused by holes or punctures in the material and are usually pretty easy to fix if they are not too drastic.

2. As you walk around your home, are your gutters flush with the roofline? If they do not seem to be attached to the house in certain places, you’ve got a problem. Gutters pulling away from the house can be caused by a buildup of leaves/debris, ice or snow damage, or even a rotted fascia board.

3. Do you notice any drips of orange coming from your downspouts? Do you see peeling paint or any other signs that rust may be present? Rust can be extremely detrimental to your gutter system. If you catch it early enough, a gutter repair will most likely be able to fix it. If not, you’ll have to replace the whole system.

4. Is there water running down the side of your house instead of through your drainage system? This is most likely due to the drip flashing (the metal strip that connects your roofline to the gutter) needing to be repaired, replaced, or repositioned.

5. Are you having drainage issues where water will pool in the gutters instead of draining properly? Are your gutters sagging? These problems are most likely the result of errors in the slope. We can help determine where the problem is and the best way to fix it for you.